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Result in the right connections with Eaton Walterscheid metric pipe fixtures. The male has a 24° chair, right metric threads, and a recessed counterbore with matches the tubeD. Wetted parts are 316L stainless and the nut is 304. Pressures from 25 to 250 bar allow the fixtures a wide range of applications. In comparison to all previous (DIN-standard) fittings, the EO-3® system is based on a 24-degree internal cone with built-in soft seal and a cone-shaped connecting thread.

1st four numbers shows the part series i.e. 5000 is a male DIN union. Parker fittings generally speaking link a hose assembly to a slot or adapter and they Check Out This Info are manufactured to meet up or surpass industrial specification needs of SAE, ISO, DIN, DOT and JIS requirements. The primary purpose of Ermeto DIN port reducers is to match the sizes of different ports.

The DIN 60° cone male will mate using the feminine universal 24° or 60° cone connector just. The seal happens on threads. Underneath the world-famous brand name “Ermeto”, traditional DIN and SAE standard hydraulic connection systems, up to outside pipe diameters of 42 mm (2 inches), are produced by the production areas of this Parker Tube Fittings Division European countries.

SMS Fittings: SMS (Swedish Metric Standard) Union is made for used in applications that don’t require regular dismantling plus they are maybe not forgiving of tube misalignment, they are doing however have the main advantage of being suited to removal of adjacent pipeline parts without distressing other joints.

Identify with caution, DIN fixtures employ Metric threads and closely resemble other Metric fittings. Brand new cross-country bindings get rid of the flange entirely and use a steel club embedded in the single alternatively. Many human body designs and threaded connections allow DIN 2353 fittings to meet up with many connection challenges.

The DK DIN bite type pipe fitting is a flareless metric fitting that comprises of a body, a modern ring (sleeve) and a nut. When a nut is torqued on the fitting, the base of the nut comes into connection with the cutting ring, wedging it to the 24° tapered neck of the fitting thus cutting into and gripping the pipe.

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