Top Key Tactics The Pros Use For Pipe Fittings

JIC fixtures are now and again called a fittings. Featuring a corrosion-resistant trivalent chromate zinc finish, these reliable fixtures offer a protected connection for hydraulic hoses. 316 metal seal with Loctite high temp graphite finish for Nickel plated and 316 SS fittings. Just like other flared connection systems, the seal is accomplished through metal-to-metal contact between your completed surface of the fitting nose together with inside diameter of this flared tubing.

Having proven performance with for the Worlds hardest to seal flared fitting applications, Flaretite seals are offered for used in Standard 37° JIC flared type hydraulic fixtures, 37° JIC 316 stainless aquatic fittings & work extremley well on 45° SAE metal fixtures for refrigeration. Engineers at Ryco, Houston Tex., are suffering from the JSEAL hose fitting, a JIC fitting that apparently satisfies or surpasses the performance of -ring face seal (ORFS) fittings.

The tube end is flared at a mating 37 level angle and sandwiched between the fitting nose (chair) and the sleeve. The Triple Fitting was a patented three-piece design just like present Parker Triple-Lok 37° flare fitting , except it had 30° flare angle rather than the 37°. Komatsu and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) fixtures have flare ends much like JIC fixtures.

Easily put, The FLARE-® adapter is completely suitable for the industrial 37° flare design, using its dual seal system. 304 Stainless steel seal without a finish for standard carbon metal fittings. Next, tighten KP-LOK JIC Fittings up the nut making use of a spanner until the nut is tight and the sleeve grips on the pipe. HAW provides quality tested and approved JIC fixtures for an extensive selection of hydraulics applications – from mobile to heavy-duty.

We carry locknuts, pipe peanuts, plugs, pipeline tees, and other fittings. 316 Stainless steel seal with Loctite Vibra Seal finish for Nickel plated and 316 SS fixtures. JIC, or (Joint Industrial Council) fittings feature a 37° flare that seals with a metal to metal contact involving the flared nose associated with the fitting plus the flared feminine mating face regarding pipe or hose end.

The look features a convex female seat that is engineered to be used with any male JIC fitting. And unlike ORFS fittings, the Flaretite Seal will not fail during a fire, permitting atomized hydraulic oil to fuel the fire. Flared connections fitted with Flaretite Seals are today’s response to low cost, high integrity, “Zero-Leak” fittings, while complying with new worldwide criteria.

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